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Mummy Wellness Check

From the Irish MAMMI study (2013 – 2017) and other research looking at our post-natal female population we know that 1 in 3 mums experience urinary incontinence, 1 in 4 mums experience painful sex, 1 in 6 mum's experience difficulty controlling their bowels and up to 50% of mums have prolapse. With this in mind women must start to prioritise their pelvic floor and core health.

The Mummy Wellness Check has been developed for all mums from 6 weeks postnatal and is suitable for C Section mums as well as those who have had vaginal births.


100% of women will have a tummy gap by 35 weeks pregnancy, this is normal to allow the baby to grow.

Over one third – 36% of women still have a tummy gap greater than 2 fingers eight weeks after giving birth. The Mummy Wellness Check will identify muscle imbalances and correct them with appropriate exercises to regain stability and allow optimal form and function.

  • The Mummy Check takes between 60  and 70 minutes to complete

  • Examination of tummy muscles rib-cage and breathing

  • Examination of pelvic floor strength/ concerns

  • Assessment of any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth

  • An overview of health pillars looking at stress/nutrition/movement and sleep quality to ensure minimal blocks to the bodies healing process

  • A Post-natal recovery plan devised especially for you, your lifestyle and fitness goals.

And if it is 1 year or 20 years since you have birthed your babies, you are still postnatal so your body deserves a Mummy Wellness Check. If you have back pain, pelvic pain, bladder or bowel problems or painful sex- these conditions while very common nowadays, are not normal and pelvic physiotherapy can resolve them.

EVERY WOMAN - Hormonal Wellness Check

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As someone who once suffered severely from hormonal pelvic pain I really want to empower women to be their own health managers.

The menstrual cycle is now becoming known as the sixth vital sign almost as important as the heart or respiratory rate offering a window into a woman’s state of health.  Research shows that menstrual cycle imbalance in females is a clue that the body is out of equilibrium and that health needs to be restored for wellness and vitality to return.

Hormonal issues such as oestrogen dominance, raised cortisol levels and thyroid imbalances are very common in women nowadays. I see what I call the effects of “Rushing Woman’s Syndrome” regularly and I feel that our busy stressful and modern lifestyles can be a big factor in why these imbalances occur in the first place.

What is the hormonal wellness check:

This is a unique assessment that I have developed from bringing my extensive experience of 15 years in women’s health and passion together. It offers women answers. Be they teenagers suffering from menstrual cycle cramps and migraines or a peri-menopausal woman suffering from brain fog and stubborn weight gain or any woman in between.

How long will it last and what does it entail?

  • This check will last for about 70 minutes

  • Discussion on lifestyle in areas of exercise/nutrition/stress/sleep quality/toxic environment/emotions

  • Includes a physical assessment of postural alignment of back/hips, rib-cage and pelvis

  • Checks of muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, hips and groins

  • Option of having an internal pelvic floor assessment.

  • Bespoke Programme for each client going home with helpful strategies to restore wellness to hormonal and physical health

What treatment techniques are used following the hormonal wellness check?

Depending on the outcome of assessment physiotherapy and holistic health skills I use might include:

  • Soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy/deep dry needling

  • Manual therapy of the pelvic floor.

  • Integrated systems model manual therapy working on any mal-alignmnent in the rib-cage.

  • Clinical pilates/stretching.

  • Kinesiology and food testing.

  • Advice on nutrition that helps with pelvic pain specifically.

  • Mindfulness and emotional stress reduction techniques.

I am a graduate from Burrell Education. This is an internationally recognised leading educator on women’s health fitness and wellbeing.  I have completed 2 courses in 2015/2016 on post-natal healing and nutrition and the third age woman. I have also attended courses by Dr. Jessica Drummond from the USA who founded the IWHI, Integrative Women’s Health Institute. I am set to attend the Woman on Fire Summit in Brighton next April 2019 an annual international 2 day learning event.