Why Women get more Alzheimers than Men?!


Why are 2 out of every 3 people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease women? It comes down to hormones by and large and in particular oestrogen.
If we were to look at a female and male brain in a laboratory they would look similar in structure and appearance BUT according to Dr. Lisa Mosconi in her brilliant new book The XX Brain the difference lies in their functionality.

The female brain ages differently.
Whereas the male brain ages in a linear fashion, NOT SO with the female.

Our brains have more of a step ladder aging mechanism at play.
Aging occurs in spurts, acceleration occurring and slowing down again a number of times 🤔..

The 3 big stages of hormone changes in a woman’s life in particular are significant.
Ie.. Puberty. Pregnancy.. PERIMENOPAUSE.
The 3 P’s this is when the aging can occur.

Also, very interesting is the fact that “Mummy Brain” does actually exist, a womans brain shrinks in size for about 9 months so Mum can keep her attention on bringing up her new offspring nurturing her baby particularly in these important early months!😕 👶.

Our brain also has more connections to the limbic system, ie. Emotional centre, a reason why maternal instinct can be quite strong in women.

So, while female and male health was looked at down the centuries as only differences being in the bikini region(ovaries and breasts) referred to as Bikini medicine , Dr. Mosconi is very determined that we all start to have a solid education in the real truth of it.

There are many differences throughout the body and the brain and heart are certainly up there also.

When women go through symptoms in PERIMENOPAUSE that are up to now associated with the reproductive system in actual fact all the classics of forgetfulness, memory loss, anxiety, brain fog are actually neurological symptoms and start in the brain! 😇. The neuroendocrine system is involved. Neuro meaning brain and endocrine meaning hormones! The reduction of oestrogen at PERIMENOPAUSE can be the start of Alzheimers unfortunately.

So, I hope this information is helpful.
I will write 2 or 3 more posts to complete discussion of this enlightening important book in the coming weeks in my instagram account.  The lifestyle strategies and how we can help ourselves 💖

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