I have always suffered from PMS with severe menstrual cramps and had accepted them as a fact of my life. Working with Doreen on practical strategies to reduce and deal with the pain before and during my period along with small dietary changes has been life changing. I now have a more balanced mood before and during my period, and the cramps have diminished significantly and are far less intense. I can’t thank Doreen enough for her work. She has given me techniques that are still working 6 months on. My quality of life has improved dramatically. 


suffering with PMS for years

I found Doreen very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I was in a lot of pain from 25/26 weeks pregnant. Lower back, hip and pelvic pain meant daily tasks became very difficult if at all possible. I had to leave work shortly after as something as simple as sitting on a chair became impossible. My fear was that I would lose mobility, end up on crutches or worse not able to walk and would not be able to have a natural birth. 

Doreen helped relieve that pain from day 1 - she has given me so much advice and exercises to do at home. I have continued to see Doreen each week now as I approach my due date and I am completely mobile. I gained mobility thanks to Doreen. I am days away from delivering my baby and I am walking, stretching and exercising problem free. Doreen has given me the gift of confidence knowing that I will have a natural birth. I can't thank you enough Doreen for all your help. I have recommended you to friends and family and I will continue to do so. 

 (Baby arrived naturally - 91B, 3oz with no interventions).


pregnant with pelvic girdle pain.

I suffered a bladder prolapse in May this year and attended my GP who referred me to Doreen. I was so devastated. Doreen’s consultation left me feeling so positive that I can work towards repairing and recovery. After only six weeks of personal exercises prescribed I am feeling improvements. With guidance I am able to continue my normal exercise classes without any concerns. Highly recommend Doreen.


woman with pelvic organ prolapse

I was experiencing a lot of pain, discomfort and frequent visits to the toilet. My life was ruled with how near a toilet would be where ever I was going.
In the course of a conversation with other women someone advised me to contact Doreen Dempsey, Women's Health Chartered Physiotherapist.
From my first appointment with Doreen I knew I was in very capable hands.
Her knowledge of women's health issues is vast, her reassurance to me that this Problem could be fixed was music to my ears.
Over the course of 3/4 sessions I began to feel the benefits of the different types of physio  she did with me plus the exercises she gave me to do.
I highly recommend Doreen to any woman suffering any type of women's issues. 
She has changed my life for the better.


woman with pelvic floor pain/urinary urgency

I recently had my first baby and in preparation for the birth & post-natal recovery, I went to Doreen’s one day workshop in Balla. I found the day very beneficial in educating myself on what exercises were safe to do while pregnant while also had an actual place to ask questions, instead of using online forums or app’s and get expert advice from someone who knew exactly what we were going through. Her positive attitude, professional manner and caring nature made it a totally worthwhile experience and I would highly recommend any Mothers to be to include this workshop in their preparations. It also meant that afterwards I knew where to go to get the help needed to get back on track. I will be forever grateful to her! Thanks Doreen! 


Mum who attended a pregnancy workshop.

I have just completed a course of the mum and me classes with Doreen. I found the classes very enjoyable and it was a bonus to be able to bring my baby along! Doreen has an extensive knowledge in the area of women's health and the class was fantastic to get me back in the frame of mind of getting back to myself. With her expertise, I was able to pinpoint the areas I needed to work on personally. I found the wellness section of the class very informative and useful and have adopted several of her good habits and recommendations! I would definitely recommend the class as a kick-start to post natal exercise and it's a lovely way of meeting other like minded mums!


'Mum and Me' Programme

I have had a few sessions with Doreen now, my back pain caused by scoliosis has definitely been improved, I have found the tension in my muscles have been reduced after she did dry needling on my lower back. Doreen gave me simple exercises that I can incorporate in my daily routine to keep my pain at ease and improve my strength. I am pleased with the results! 


teenager with scoliosis

Following an MRI showing two bulging discs in my lower back I made an appointment with Doreen. Doreen is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I have got great relief and I’m delighted with the progress made following Doreen’s excellent advice. Her holistic approach really enhances her practice. She uses a variety of techniques when working with me such as traction and hands-on work. Doreen has tailored my exercises as my back improves which is maximising my recovery. I highly recommend physio with Doreen.


young woman back/disc problem

I attended Doreen’s clinic after been recommended by a friend. I had seriously injured my hamstring and a ligament in my knee. Doreen was very knowledgeable about my injury which instantly put my mind at ease. I followed Doreen’s recovery plan which insured a quick return to full fitness. I am happy to say I am fully recovered and enjoying some of the best footballing days of my life and that is down to her professional treatment! Thanks Doreen!


footballer with hamstring tear and medial ligament sprain

I have been a patient of Doreen’s for the past 14 years. A car accident left me with a neck injury and soft tissue damage.

My treatment consisted of going to weekly sessions for a short period of time and then I would return if my injury flared up. I highly recommend her services. Doreen’s physio has helped improve the quality of my daily life. Prior to attending Doreen, I suffered a lot of pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders and I had to take medication.  Shortly after going to Doreen, the pain and discomfort subsided and I did not need to take medication. Doreen’s treatment has enhanced my neck and shoulder mobility immensely. Doreen’s care and expertise have been outstanding throughout the years. She has not only treated me, but also my family members with different ailments.


neck injury

Of all the physiotherapists I have been to, Doreen is in a league of her own. She has an initial consultation with you to discuss your issue. She will then provide an in depth rehabilitation programme for you to follow. She is very approachable and leaves no stone unturned in resolving your problem. She is so friendly and genuinely cares for your health and welfare. I would highly recommend Doreen to anybody with any kind of discomfort.


young man with shoulder/wrist pain.

I was attending Doreen for physio last year and we were having a conversation about my fear of flying which was so bad that I'd put off various holidays etc because of it. She introduced me to the Body Code (had never heard of it before) and worked on me a few days before my flight. I could not believe it. The calm I felt on the flights take-off was like nothing I felt before. I would previously have had panic attacks with the thought of flying or even boarding the plane.

Definitely recommend this therapy.

Ger K

Fear of Flying

I have been going to Doreen for many years. She is so knowledgeable and offers great advice that is practical and easy to follow. Recently, she treated me for severe morning sickness. I have to admit, I was sceptical at first as I had tried many things to ease the sickness but nothing ever worked.

After one session with Doreen, I felt instantly lighter and for the first time in almost ten weeks, I was able to eat! I was genuinely shocked. My days became bearable again and I was able to return to work. Doreen worked on me one more time after our first session and again, I could feel a difference. Due to those two sessions, my pregnancy journey changed. I went from being unable to eat or enjoy any food to eating regular meals throughout the day.

I can’t thank her enough for the impact it made on my day-to-day life.

Laura M

Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Whilst attending Doreen for neck physiotherapy and having the Body Code included in my assessment to help ascertain the root cause, I was also offered this therapy for my breathlessness. I explained to Doreen that this shortness of breath with exertion had been going on for almost 2 years. The reason for this due to the fact that I had been severely ill with an episode of Covid 19. It was so severe that I ended up in the Intensive Care Unit of my local hospital where I required ventilation and a tracheostomy tube for a number of weeks. I stayed in hospital for 3 months and left the hospital on oxygen therapy. I had been trying my best to become fit again and enjoyed exercise and jobs on my farm.

Doreen suggested I try the Body Code on hearing about my struggle walking up the local hill. She was interested to find out if my body was much out of alignment energetically. We found at the first session that indeed 10 things were off course, mostly in my respiratory system. There were 6 more things to work on balancing at the second session.

In just a few weeks, I am happy to report that I can fork silage to the cattle in the shed without feeling breathless and also walk up the local steep hill in our neighbourhood. I am delighted that I had an open mind and gave this energetic therapy a go on Doreen’s suggestion, as I know it has been life-changing. My headaches are also completely gone after 1 session of Body Code alongside 2 physiotherapy sessions which included: massage, mobilisation techniques on my neck and exercises. I think anyone with fatigue after Covid 19 could most likely benefit from this non-invasive therapy too.

Bernie B

Breathlessness and Reduced Energy after Covid-19

I recently completed a number of Body Code sessions with Doreen and all I can say is wow!

Doreen had a fantastic way of making a complex system easily digestible and interactive and we unravelled the two biggest symptoms I struggle with. I felt informed and included throughout the process and especially appreciated Doreen’s natural ability to connect on a deeper level allowing me to dig deeper into the root cause of my symptoms. 

After the first session I felt very seen and empowered to take some control of my life. The following sessions really made an impact directly on the symptoms where I almost felt a cloud lift after the second. 

Doreen had some fantastic practical advice and helped me to regain some equilibrium in my life.  I felt Doreen was a complete natural and make the whole process both fascinating and impactful.

Caoimhe – The Mindful Physio

Health and Wellbeing