young sport man with strong athletic legs holding knee with his hands in pain after suffering muscle injury during a running workout beach training in muscular or ligament wound

Sports physiotherapy needs to be very specific and detailed and in line with the athletes’ goals to return to his/her sport in order to perform at their optimal level and prevent recurrence. Being from a sporty background I love to promote injury prevention principles, educate and provide detailed rehabilitation to get athletes back to their best as soon as possible.

Treatment approaches include:

  • Joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage and stretching.

  • Dry needling

  • Education in injury specific home exercise to encourage self-management

  • Instruction in gym programmes and stability training.

  • Electrotherapy treatment.

  • Taping, bracing and prescription of foot orthotics to protect injured tissues

  • Testing of joint function prior to returning to sport

  • Gait analysis and biomechanical evaluation of sporting techniques.

“I attended Doreen’s clinic after been recommended by a friend. I had seriously injured my hamstring and a ligament in my knee. Doreen was very knowledgeable about my injury which instantly put my mind at ease. I followed Doreen’s recovery plan which insured a quick return to full fitness. I am happy to say I am fully recovered and enjoying some of the best footballing days of my life and that is down to her professional treatment! Thanks Doreen!”

Val Roughneen

footballer with hamstring tear and medial ligament sprain.