Biomechanical assessment involves an examination of the lower limbs, looking at their structure, alignment, strengths and weaknesses. The examination is not solely focused on the foot, but includes assessment of the pelvis, hips, knees and leg length also. It is important to examine the lower limb as a whole because pain in one area can be due to a structural weakness in another area. A biomechanical assessment is the starting point for understanding the cause of your problem, what treatment is needed and whether further investigation is required.

Coming from a background of athletics I am very aware of the importance of good body biomechanics.

I prescribe orthotics (corrective foot insoles) and sometimes cast the feet as a customised correction may be necessary.

Many customers do well with off the shelf budget orthotics also.

I have developed good working relationships with various podiatry companies over the years and have access to a wide range of products.

In combination with exercise therapy and general biomechanical advice these orthotics promote ideal posture and reduce abnormal strain on musculoskeletal structures.