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“Mum and Me” Exercise and Wellness Class

I am delighted to offer this new class to the women of Mayo.

This class will be for Mum’s from 3-4 weeks post-natal (5-6 weeks if you had a c-section) and will offer the following:

  • Combination of Exercise, Relaxation Techniques, Health Tips

  • Advice on the 4 Pillars of Health: Movement/Nutrition/Stress/Sleep

  • Pelvic Floor and Core Friendly Exercise

  • Checking of the abdominal Muscles

  • A chance to meet other Mums in the area

  • A chance for Mum and Baby to experience the benefits of exercise together.

  • A safe environment to ask questions about any post-natal concerns.

Exercise and Wellness Programme: 95 Euro

The class will be 70 minutes in duration and will blend floor and mat-work exercise with education.

You will be asked to bring your own exercise mat and health screening forms must also be completed prior to attending the class.

Please email me at doreen@doreendempsey.com for enquiries.

I have just completed a course of the mum and me classes with Doreen. I found the classes very enjoyable and it was a bonus to be able to bring my baby along! Doreen has an extensive knowledge in the area of women's health and the class was fantastic to get me back in the frame of mind of getting back to myself. With her expertise, I was able to pinpoint the areas I needed to work on personally.  I found the wellness section of the class very informative and useful and have adopted several of her good habits and recommendations! I would definitely recommend the class as a kick-start to post natal exercise and it's a lovely way of meeting other like minded mums!


'Mum and Me'

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Mum and Me Programme: €95

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Postnatal Pre-screen Medical Questionnaire

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