Manual therapy is a physical technique used by Physiotherapists whereby they use their hands to mobilise or manipulate muscles, joints and other soft tissues. It may include massage, trigger point release of muscle or stretching tight muscles, cross-frictioning strained ligaments or tendons, or mobilising stiff joints to increase movement and reduce tenderness.

Manual therapy is a big part of my clinical skill set and I have years of experience assessing, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of muscle, joint and other soft tissue injuries. I have advanced visceral mobilisation courses completed for the benefit of the urologic and reproductive systems under Hermann and Wallace (USA trainers).

I am delighted to have recently added the Integrated Systems Model (co-created by world leader clinician Diane Lee) to my repertoire in 2017. This system concentrates on realigning the rib-cage in order to instantaneously work the muscles throughout the whole body system more efficiently. The treatments are producing fantastic results.