In January 2018 I attended a weekend Kinesiology course for physiotherapists and since that time I have found myself taking more courses to uplevel my knowledge in the area of enhancing our energy and vitality.

I finished working half-time in the HSE public service late in 2020 after having worked there part-time for 20 years. Nowadays I work solely in my own private practice and I work with many women's health patients, musculoskeletal patients and with patients that need the mind-body connection and energetic therapies. I offer this mind/body type of treatment particularly for those people requiring stress alleviation or who suffer from chronic issues/fatigue. My offering for these patients include: the Emotion and Body Code and Modern Energy Tapping.

The Body Code system created by Dr. Bradley Nelson back in 2012 is a knowledge base of imbalances or things that can go wrong in the body. It gives the subconscious mind of the person through kinesiology (muscle) testing a way to reveal the true underlying causes of ailments and sicknesses. The Body Code can be thought of as a 'table of contents' for the things our subconscious mind is tracking, almost always without our awareness. Dr. Bradley has the system divided into 6 main areas of imbalance: Energy, Circuit or System, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments and Nutrition or Lifestyle. It is much more intricate than this of course, this is just it in a nut-shell!

The Emotion Code is within the Body Code bigger system and it concentrates on trapped emotions we have in our body. There are 60 emotions that we can have trapped in this system and the body can reveal through kinesiology testing, trapped emotions that may be leading to various issues or illnesses. I find both systems amazing to work with.

Nowadays, I even routinely use the Body Code at the start of a physio session to help with a stiff or painful joint. Physio sessions are becoming more targeted and less intense. It  truly allows me to partner with my patient to get to 'the heart of the matter' with detecting what is causing injuries and illness.

I will include some great testimonials from a number of my patients to demonstrate just how useful if can be in day to day life. It is often truly life-changing as you will see on reading these stories.The Body Code came into my radar almost 10 years ago now allowing me to realise that my amalgam dental fillings had caused my 'out of the blue epileptic seizures' I experienced at 28 years of age. I have since removed the amalgam and am epilepsy free since. I am a great example of having received life-changing benefits!

Tapping is a lovely stress reducing technique that combines talking with tapping of acupressure points in the head, chest and hands and I integrate this regularly into my offerings. I find so many of us are stressed in our fast-paced intense world and it offers something very soothing, tangible and comforting to those that give it a go with an open mind.


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I was attending Doreen for physio last year and we were having a conversation about my fear of flying which was so bad that I'd put off various holidays etc because of it. She introduced me to the Body Code (had never heard of it before) and worked on me a few days before my flight. I could not believe it. The calm I felt on the flights take-off was like nothing I felt before. I would previously have had panic attacks with the thought of flying or even boarding the plane.

Definitely recommend this therapy.

Ger K

Fear of Flying

I have been going to Doreen for many years. She is so knowledgeable and offers great advice that is practical and easy to follow. Recently, she treated me for severe morning sickness. I have to admit, I was sceptical at first as I had tried many things to ease the sickness but nothing ever worked.

After one session with Doreen, I felt instantly lighter and for the first time in almost ten weeks, I was able to eat! I was genuinely shocked. My days became bearable again and I was able to return to work. Doreen worked on me one more time after our first session and again, I could feel a difference. Due to those two sessions, my pregnancy journey changed. I went from being unable to eat or enjoy any food to eating regular meals throughout the day.

I can’t thank her enough for the impact it made on my day-to-day life.

Laura M

Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Whilst attending Doreen for neck physiotherapy and having the Body Code included in my assessment to help ascertain the root cause, I was also offered this therapy for my breathlessness. I explained to Doreen that this shortness of breath with exertion had been going on for almost 2 years. The reason for this due to the fact that I had been severely ill with an episode of Covid 19. It was so severe that I ended up in the Intensive Care Unit of my local hospital where I required ventilation and a tracheostomy tube for a number of weeks. I stayed in hospital for 3 months and left the hospital on oxygen therapy. I had been trying my best to become fit again and enjoyed exercise and jobs on my farm.

Doreen suggested I try the Body Code on hearing about my struggle walking up the local hill. She was interested to find out if my body was much out of alignment energetically. We found at the first session that indeed 10 things were off course, mostly in my respiratory system. There were 6 more things to work on balancing at the second session.

In just a few weeks, I am happy to report that I can fork silage to the cattle in the shed without feeling breathless and also walk up the local steep hill in our neighbourhood. I am delighted that I had an open mind and gave this energetic therapy a go on Doreen’s suggestion, as I know it has been life-changing. My headaches are also completely gone after 1 session of Body Code alongside 2 physiotherapy sessions which included: massage, mobilisation techniques on my neck and exercises. I think anyone with fatigue after Covid 19 could most likely benefit from this non-invasive therapy too.

Bernie B

Breathlessness and Reduced Energy after Covid-19

I recently completed a number of Body Code sessions with Doreen and all I can say is wow!

Doreen had a fantastic way of making a complex system easily digestible and interactive and we unravelled the two biggest symptoms I struggle with. I felt informed and included throughout the process and especially appreciated Doreen’s natural ability to connect on a deeper level allowing me to dig deeper into the root cause of my symptoms. 

After the first session I felt very seen and empowered to take some control of my life. The following sessions really made an impact directly on the symptoms where I almost felt a cloud lift after the second. 

Doreen had some fantastic practical advice and helped me to regain some equilibrium in my life.  I felt Doreen was a complete natural and make the whole process both fascinating and impactful.

Caoimhe – The Mindful Physio

Health and Wellbeing