I am so excited to be creating this space on my website in 2024 in relation to retreats I wish to facilitate on Achill Island. It has been a huge dream of mine for some time to share the magic and healing power of this island with others. My family and friends are all delighted to know Achill’s beauty and calm over the last few years and now I hope to share its magic with patients and people who work with me holistically as well.

Sept 22nd 2024

The inaugural retreat day on Sunday 22nd of September will be coinciding with the marking of 2 years since I wrote my book ‘The Magic of Insight’. Achill is the location of the front cover so it holds a lot of meaning for this reason.

This one-day Soulful Selfcare Sunday event will run from 10.30 am to 5.30pm. There is capacity for 12 women on this retreat. We look forward to greeting you in our cottage location near Keel village. The retreat will be facilitated by myself and a fantastic colleague/friend Joanna Gooding.

The following is the programme for the retreat in Keel on Sept 22nd

  • 10.30am

    Meet, Greet and refreshments

  • 11am - 12pm

    Mind-body Connection Talk with Doreen

  • 12pm - 1pm

    Essential Oils workshop with Joanna

  • 1pm - 2pm

    Nourishing Lunch served in Cottage Kitchen

  • 2pm - 4pm

    Mini treatments: Nature-walk time to explore the deserted village/Keel Beach, or relax at cottage. 20-minute treatments: for body or soul: choose massage or emotion/body code or card reading.

  • 4pm - 5pm

    Journalling, Mini Movement and Visualization/Meditation session.

  • 5pm - 5.30pm

    Cacao Ceremony and closing remarks. Goodie bag provided: includes book The Magic of Insight and essential oil samples

Your Hosts


Doreen Dempsey

Women's Health and Lifestyle Physiotherapist, Tapping Practitioner, Emotion and Body Code Practitioner, Author.


Joanna Gooding

Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach: Doterra Essential oils Practitioner. Moon and spiritual card readings.

My topic from 11am will cover the Mind/Body/Emotional connection. I will bring in teachings from my world of physiotherapy and western lifestyle medicine whilst also looking at our energetic body from my training as a Tapping Practitioner.

I will share many health insights also from my experience working with patients on various interesting health and life concerns over the last 2 years as an Emotion and Body Code Practitioner.

Joanna’s workshop will look at the benefits of some really important oils: namely lavender, peppermint and the citrus family of wild orange and lime. As a holistic therapist and spiritual life coach she will also share some of her calming grounding techniques particularly her technique on accessing the infinite energy within us.

We take an hour for lunch then from 1-2pm, this will be provided in the heart of the beautiful cottage kitchen. We also have access to a spacious back garden looking out onto the Keel beach and the Minaun cliffs from which to relax with food.

After lunch from 2-4pm we will have 2 hours where mini treatments will be organised with Joanna and myself. Time to wander in nature or rest in the cottage will be available as well. Look forward to having the option of soul card readings or emotion/body code revelations. If women prefer: a neck/shoulder or head massage mini treatment is on offer alternatively.

From 4-5 pm we will come back together again and have some time to ground ourselves with journalling, a mini exercise session and a visualization meditation.

The day will conclude with a really nurturing Cacao Ceremony and some words from both myself and Joanna and any insights from the beautiful gathering of women may be also shared. You will leave with a goodie bag that will include my book – ‘The Magic of Insight’.

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Achill One Day Retreat - 22 Sept 2024: €122