My Inspiration and Becoming a Qualified Physiotherapist

I am a chartered physiotherapist who has been running my own private practices in medical centres in Co. Mayo for over 21 years. My interest in physiotherapy was sparked at the age of 15 whilst receiving sports treatment for a running injury before an All-Ireland race. Destiny brought me to University College Dublin and I qualified as a physiotherapist with an honours degree in 1997.  I have worked in acute hospital structures in Ireland (and Australia briefly) for more than 20 years and rotated through many areas of physiotherapy including: orthopaedics, neurology, paediatrics, surgery/ICU, respiratory and outpatients.

Sports and Exercise Medicine and Influence of Travels

My first love in physiotherapy was the management of sports injuries and in 2004 I went on to obtain a post-grad diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine from The University of Wales Institute of Medicine in Cardiff.

Early in my physio career I travelled to gain experience in both hospital and practise settings in Australia and Germany. This influenced a lot of my core practises particularly the great appreciation I hold for the therapeutic benefits of massage.  It was in Australia that I also witnessed for the first time the great benefits of promoting exercise in pregnancy.

Lifestyle Physiotherapy and my Personal Story

I am naturally inquisitive and love to put my detective hat on and help patients to get to the root cause of their injuries and conditions. I believe that mind-set is crucial in optimal and timely recovery from injury along with good movement and nutrition, stress reduction, emotional wellbeing and sleep hygiene practises.

I have experienced plenty of injuries throughout the years including low back and pelvis pain, shin-splints, achilles and shoulder tendonitis as well as pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and pelvic floor dysfunction from a birth injury.

Each one of my own health challenges has gifted me some valuable insights as a physiotherapist. Being injured causes a need to make things better and a lot of the best advice I give to my patients arises from having regularly walked a similar path myself and benefiting from the learning opportunity.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy so Far…

I became passionate about women’s health a few years before having my own children. I have now more than 20 years of women’s health physiotherapy experience and have supported thousands of women on their journey to better health and well-being. To date I have instructed hundreds of women’s exercise and education sessions and have enhanced my skillset by completing Fit-back and Bumps training and APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) Mat-work 1 and 2. I had the honour of introducing Mayo Mums Bumps to Babies and other HSE women’s health initiatives to the Minister for Health in Castlebar’s modern Primary Care Centre in November 2017. I attended Woman on Fire in Brighton in 2019 an international event keeping updated on all things women's health and wellness.

Hobbies and Interests

Running and camogie were my big hobbies in my younger days. I represented my country in the 1500m in athletics as a 16 year old. Nowadays, I am mum of 3 children and this takes up most of my time outside of my physio work. In any spare time I like to relax by exercising in nature and travelling.  I love anything relating to the Mind-Body connection and currently I practise pilates and yoga. I use modern energy tapping for both myself and my patients to help with relaxation as well.