Health is Harmony of the Body, Mind and Emotions

23 years of Physiotherapy serving patients in Mayo

Offering women a variety of Wellness Checks & Healing Tapping Sessions

Promoting Good Daily Habits for a great Quality Life

Many people live half the lives they deserve to live and my working mission is to empower patients to live life to the fullest.

With 24 years of Clinical Experience treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions

Serving all age populations from young athlete to care of the elderly

Hands- on Approach with an exercise and education focus.

Promoting a Positive Mind-set and a holistic health approach to Wellness

Specialised Training in Sports Medicine

Women's Health and Continence

APPI Pilates Trained

ISM trained - Integrative Systems Model – world renowned Diane Lee’s manual therapy system

Dry Needling, Kinesiology, Orthotics

Manual Therapy of the Pelvic Floor

Hormonal and Post-natal Mummy Wellness Checks

Birth Preparation: Exercise and Labour Tips

Emotional Release Techniques to reduce the Stress of Modern Living

“Mum and Me” Exercise and Wellness Classes

Modern Energy Healing Sessions

These services are all available within beautiful work setting at Balla Medical Centre where I have worked for the past 15 years.

I have the benefit of working alongside GP’s, nurse practitioners, a podiatrist and a pharmacy team next door adding extra convenience for customers.

Free car park available on-site.

What Physiotherapy Patients Say

“Doreen is very approachable and leaves no stone unturned in resolving your problem. She is so friendly and genuinely cares for your health and welfare.”


wrist/shoulder injury

“I’m delighted with the progress made following Doreen’s excellent advice. Her holistic approach really enhances her practice”


disc injury back

“Atmosphere in the class was relaxed, non-judgemental, informal and very women friendly. I didn’t feel anyways uncomfortable or embarrassed and I think it was a credit to Doreen who was open about her own experiences”


post-natal programme


Member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists and Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practise

Recognised by all major health Insurance Companies: Laya, Aviva and VHI

Why Women get more Alzheimers than Men?!

  Why are 2 out of every 3 people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease women? It comes down to hormones by and large and in particular oestrogen. If we were to look at a female and male brain in a laboratory they would look similar in structure and appearance BUT according to Dr. Lisa Mosconi in…

The Magic of Massage

I have been a real fan of using massage techniques since I was a physiotherapist in training. I had great physiotherapy mentors in Germany during two summers of work experience and they whole-heartedly advocated the benefits of the therapy to me. Harry told me that “Even if a person has injured a big toe –…

Yoga – Great for Body, Mind and Soul

I recently signed up to an introductory month of membership in our new Castlebar Swimming Pool Complex and was very happy to have yoga and Pilates classes included in the deal. After just recently attending “Woman on Fire” educational weekend in Brighton, UK almost every speaker highlighted that stress is detrimental to our health and…

It is March but I choose Good Habits over Resolutions any Year!

Good habits really can make such a big difference to our lives. I have seen evidence of this time and time again over my 20+ years in physio practise and indeed in my own personal life. It is such a pleasure to see patients oftentimes embrace simple little changes and come back with a big…

“Mum and Me” Classes – Hope to Promote Emotional Well-being in Post-natal Mums of Mayo!

For the past year or so, something at the back of my mind has been niggling at me to create something special for the post-natal Mums in Mayo blending my physiotherapy and holistic experience along with my passion for empowering women around optimising their health.  An encouraging email from a previous pregnant Mum client of…

Women’s Health Projects

I became passionate about women’s health a few years before having my own children. I have now more than 15 years of women’s health physiotherapy experience and have supported thousands of women on their journey to better health and well-being.

A mother having fun with her daughters on the beach

Hormone Wellness Check

young mother does physical yoga exercises together with her baby boy

The Mum and Me Wellness Class


Dry Needling